Construction Solarpark Scaldia commences

Press release, 19 February 2018

Construction commences for the largest solar park in the Netherlands

Solarpark Zeeland BV and ib vogt are pleased to announce that the construction of Solarpark Scaldia, the largest solar energy park in the Netherlands, will start at the end of this month.

Last Friday the shares of Solarpark Scaldia were transferred by the developer Solarpark Zeeland to the new owner ib vogt, who will also build the park. Enduris will start construction of the grid connection at the end of February. At the beginning of April ib vogt will start preparing for the installation of the first solar panels. ib vogt aims to have the park ready mid-August and commission it in September.

Largest solar park in the Netherlands

Solarpark Scaldia will consist of about 140 thousand solar panels on 40 hectares (80 football fields) in the cable and pipeline corridor around the Sloehaven in the municipalities of Borsele and Vlissingen. This 50 megawatt solar park can supply power industrial and residential users in the region and thus contributes to increasing renewable energy in the immediate vicinity. The project requires an investment of approximately 40 million euros. Solarpark Scaldia beats the largest solar energy park in the Netherlands, SunPort Delfzijl, in terms of both area and capacity. Sunport Delfzijl has a capacity of 32 megawatts and, like Solarpark Zeeland, has been initially developed by Hans Hoven.

Generation to start towards the end of 2018

Today Hans Hoven, director of Solarpark Zeeland, the company that developed the solar farm, and Carl von Braun, managing director of ib vogt, signed the documents for the transfer of the project. ib vogt wants to start generating at the end of this year.

Intensive development path to an innovative project

In 2015 a preliminary land agreement was signed with Zeeland Seaports and two private land owners. The building permit was obtained mid-2016, after which an SDE+ award of 15 years was granted to the project. Two thirds of the park are located on the territory of Borsele, the rest in Vlissingen. The park is also under the high-voltage lines of Tennet. Due to its location, the development of the park has been very complex. The park will be built with the solar panels in an innovative east-west direction. This ensures more efficient land use and a better daily generation profile. Municipalities Borsele and Vlissingen have always supported the initiative, as well as ZMF (Zeeland Environment Federation), in the person of Tjeu van Mierlo. Green Giraffe supported Solarpark Zeeland during the development phase by obtaining all permits and consents, negotiating the contracts and selling the project.

Quote by alderman Ad Schenk, municipality of Borsele

“The arrival of Solarpark Scaldia is a fantastic boost. The project is innovative and will be built in a special location in the cable and pipeline corridor of the port. It provides power for 30,000 households, has a strong appeal for the establishment of new, sustainable companies in the port and offers opportunities for involving our residents through cooperatives. “

Quote by alderman John de Jonge, municipality of Vlissingen

“It is great that the city with the most hours of sunshine can also build the largest solar park. The largest offshore wind port can now largely run on solar energy. That is really sustainable. ”

Quote from Peter Geertse, Zeeland Seaport

“As a port, we are proud of this development and impressed by the professionalism and effectiveness of the Solarpark Zeeland developers. We wish the operator and investor ib vogt a lot of Zeeland sunshine hours. “

Construction Solarpark Scaldia commences

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