Early development stage funding in offshore wind

5th Asia Offshore Wind day, Tokyo, 24 January 2019

Learning from the European experience – how to attract development stage funding for Asian offshore wind.

Although offshore wind has had a relatively long and successful history in Europe, the parallel market in the promising waters of Asia and Japan is only just beginning. The combination of new jurisdictions, new regulations and inexperienced supply chains makes this a challenging environment for developers and nervous investors are pricing risks accordingly. In this presentation, Sophie Cherrier talks through the typical contracting structures used in European offshore wind projects, the three key stages of development funding and the risks faced by investors at each stage. She uses her extensive experience of advising on successful projects to illustrate which specific investors will be attracted at which stage of development and how developers can successfully mitigate risks to bring in external finance whilst enhancing value creation.

The early development stage funding in offshore wind projects

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