What we do

Strategy & intelligence

We provide sectorial intelligence, specialised resources, benchmarking and standalone modelling services





The complex environment of renewable energy projects requires high quality information and strong management capabilities to create valuable projects

Your project will benefit from our market knowledge, analytical capabilities, and process management skills

We provide benchmarking services, reviews of regulatory frameworks and analyses of recent market developments and transactions. Our intelligence includes access to current prevailing commercial terms. This can include corporate and contractual structures, debt and equity transactions, and key participants within the market. These services can take the form of ad hoc reports or of seminars by our senior officers to your teams in the location of your choice

Though our activities typically include modelling as an integral part of a wider scope, we also offer such services on a standalone basis. This can take the form of individual financial model builds, one-off analyses, valuation reports or offshore construction risk assessment. The latter is conducted via our in-house developed Construction Risk Optimization & Strategic Scheduling (CROSS) programme, which is the only instrument in the market to combine a scheduling tool with a comprehensive financial model

We can also provide highly specialised staff, such as package managers, commercial managers, CFO, and board members, backed by one of the most experienced advisory teams in the sector