Financing floating offshore wind projects

Floating Offshore Wind UK, 30 November 2018

After years of development and a few false dawns, 2019 is likely to be the year when floating wind becomes a reality


Although floating wind turbines have long since been regarded by governments worldwide as the natural end point for the renewables industry, their deployment to date has been slow and expensive. Despite the obvious benefit of access to deeper waters and better wind speeds, floating platforms have been warily regarded by institutional investors as unproven and highly speculative compared to their fixed cousins. This paradigm is now changing and there are at least 5 floating operational projects worldwide that are proving the concept and opening the door for mass deployment in the coming years. In the attached presentation, Clement Weber talks through the latest advances in this technology and how project sponsors who may have missed out on the low hanging fruit of fixed platform opportunities can access early stage equity and later stage debt to build out their projects.

Financing floating offshore wind projects

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