What we do


Supporting the electrification of the mobility sector

We help e-mobility players realize ambitious roll-out plans by offering market sector intelligence and securing the most competitive financing for their projects

Mass adoption of battery electric vehicles (BEV) will be key to decarbonizing the transportation sector which today accounts for more than 20% of global carbon emissions (source: IEA).

The electrification of the mobility sector is underpinned by technology improvement trends such as increasing BEV driving ranges, decreasing charging times, and increasing price parity between Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and BEV cars, and has accelerated with the recent adoption of important public policies like the EU ban on selling ICE cars post 2035, or the US target for electric vehicles to make up 50% of all vehicle sales by 2030, supported by federal funding and credit incentives.

Green Giraffe is committed to expanding beyond traditional renewables and accelerating the wider energy transition. We have a history of creating precedents and continue to pioneer the energy sector by successfully venturing into new technologies such as floating offshore wind and hydrogen, and now the e-mobility sector.

We stand ready to assist you throughout your project’s lifecycle, whether it be capital raise advisory, tender support, strategic studies, modelling services, development support, or contracting support. We know what it takes to structure financially robust projects, whether it be the slow, fast or ultra-fast segment, public or private charging, or servicing the light-duty vehicles or the trucks and coaches market. Our experience across the electricity value chain also places us perfectly to advise and optimise co-located business models, combining EV charging, onsite (solar) power generation and/or battery storage.