What we do

Hydrogen and e-fuels

Scaling up hydrogen businesses and enabling the energy transition

We focus on green hydrogen and e-fuels, when powered from renewable energy sources

Hydrogen and e-fuels will play a key role in decarbonising energy-intensive sectors such as heavy industry, heating or mobility. Governments are recognising its importance and are setting ambitious production targets and incentives all over the world.

Green Giraffe is proud to be actively contributing to the growth of the international hydrogen market with various mandates ranging from early equity raises and complex financial modelling to development support and offtake strategy missions, across all end-use applications such as industrial uses, mobility applications and e-fuels. Our deep roots in renewable energy and comprehensive understanding of the hydrogen business case places us perfectly to advise on key issues across the green hydrogen value chain.

We know what it takes to structure financially robust projects around novel energy transition technologies and use this to your advantage.