How to optimise income streams and untapped upside potential of EV charging

EV charging, 8 March 2024

Barbara Zuiderwijk presented at the EV Charging Infrastructure Forum 2024. Interesting exchanges on user experience, evolving EV charging technologies and the challenges of a maturing industry.

Barbara shared insights about EV business cases, how to optimise income streams and untapped upside potential.


  • EV is destined to be the dominant technology for the vast majority of road vehicles in the near future
  • EV is primed for adoption and consolidation
  • Unlocking more (empirical) data will unlock access to cheaper capital
  • There is still untapped potential in most business cases – whether this is in energy trading, grid stabilization or alternative income streams next to EV charging
  • The market is stable/proven enough to make large investments. Key is to find the right investment!


Download the full presentation below by clicking on the download button in the yellow block and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more!