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Barbara is a founder of Green Giraffe Advisory. She has a strong track record in the contracting and financing of onshore and (offshore) wind farms in Northern Europe.

Barbara supported the development, contracting, and (re)financing of Northwind (216 MW, Belgium, 2012), Gemini (600 MW, the Netherlands, 2014), Veja Mate (402 MW, Germany, 2015), Norther (370 MW, Belgium, 2016 and 2020), Windpark Fryslân (383 MW, The Netherlands, 2019), Baltic II & Co (1.5 GW, Poland, 2019), Windpark Zeewolde (322 MW, The Netherlands, 2020) and Deutsche Bucht (252 MW, Germany, 2021). She has been supporting consortia participating in several European offshore wind tenders as well as having been involved in other technologies such as the ground-mounted solar farm Duurkenakker (64 MWp, The Netherlands, 2020).

She is currently involved in raising financing for a portfolio of projects that combine on-site renewable energy generation with electric vehicle charging infrastructure and battery storage.

Before founding Green Giraffe, Barbara worked at the project developer Econcern, and as investment banking trainee at ABN AMRO.

Barbara is recognised in the top 100 most influential female business leaders in the 2023 Women in Power list.