Hydrogen deployment – From plans to practice

Hydrogen, 16 October 2023

Green Giraffe Advisory – H2 Breakfast Networking Event, 12 October 2023

Green hydrogen and e-fuels are key markets for the energy transition, and over the last few years the Green Giraffe team has developed a strong track record of raising finance for green hydrogen and green ammonia projects around the world.

The announcements of Green hydrogen projects are plentiful – but what does it take to go from plans to practice?


Barbara Zuiderwijk shared Green Giraffe’s insight at the third H2 Breakfast Networking event co-organised with Loyens & Loeff in Rotterdam.

The presentation delves into the necessity for market players to take the first step together and what developers of big PtX projects can learn from how offshore wind went giga-scale – and got it financed.

Download the presentation at the bottom of this page.